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Police arrest and parade 'philanthropist' Nwatanyoeze for allegedly duping youths in the guise of empowering them


The Nigerian police have arrested and paraded Ajah Uguru Justice, better known as Nwatayoeze, in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.


Nwatanyoeze was arrested over alleged fraudulent activities.


Police arrest and parade


The self acclaimed humanitarian who organizes events to "empower Nigerian youths" has been accused of duping the youths instead.


Nwatanyoeze allegedly collected money from Nigerians for an empowerment program but ran away with the huge sum he raised from his victims.


One of his victims who spoke with Igbere TV on the condition of anonymity said Nwatanyoeze, despite collecting money from her, wanted to also sleep with her before he could render help to her.


Police arrest and parade

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