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Ekpoma Residents Abandon Accident Victim Loot Trailer Load Of Rice

 Residents of the agrarian community trooped out to loot a trailer load of bags of rice which knocked down a man on a commercial motorcycle popularly called ‘okada’.

In the video of the incident which has gone viral in Edo State, the male passenger, who was the victim of the accident, was seen wrapped in a cladding cloth on the ground, while the residents were busy looting the trailer of its consignment.

The accident, Nigerian Tribune gathered, happened at Okpoji Junction in Ekpoma.

While the looting lasted, nobody paid attention to the lifeless body of the man, as the community members helped themselves with the bags of rice which the trailer was conveying to the yet-to-be-ascertained destination.

In the two minutes 38 seconds video, the voice narrator could be heard lamenting that the trailer had just killed “a woman.”

“This trailer just killed one woman, you can see the woman on the ground; on the floor. This is very close to Okpoji Junction”, the narrator said.

The victim was actually a man as revealed when the cloth in which he was wrapped was removed.

Another narrator in the video lamented: “Nobody actually cares who is dead. What we are after is the rice. You can see them. Somebody is even on the ground, nobody cares, but what they are after is the rice.

Sanity, however, returned when some men arrived the scene and stopped the looting of the trailer which was almost empty then.

The men were later joined by some youths carrying planks, who formed a ring round the trailer, while one of the men was seen pointing at the lifeless body of the man on the ground. 

The motorcycle on which he rode to death was a short distance from the corpse.

When contacted, with the video of the accident and looting sent, Edo State Police Command confirmed the incident.


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