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US-Based Nigerian Doctor Stella Immanuel Tells Trump To Use Hydroxychloroquine To Cure His COVID-19

US-based physician Dr Stella Immanuel has urged President Donald Trump and the first lady Melania Trump to use hydroxychloroquine after they tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), Igbere TV reports.

Mr Trump had tweeted on Friday morning that he and wife had begun quarantine and would “get through this together”.

In reaction to his tweet, Dr Immanuel questioned the president for not using hydroxychloroquine for prevention despite campaigning for the country to use it in the treatment of COVID-19.

“Sir you exposed the effectiveness of HCQ to us. Why did you and FLOTUS not take it for prevention?” she asked.

“You did not need to get covid19. HCQ, zinc, Vit C and D and you will not get sick. Praying for you and your team sir.”

Igbere TV recall that Immanuel came under attack in July after she spoke at a news conference in Washington, claiming that hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Zithromax were effective cures for the virus.

“For the past few months, after taking care of over 350 patients, we’ve not lost one. Not a diabetic, not somebody with high blood pressure, not somebody who asthma, not an old person,” she had said.


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