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Man Gave A Groundnut Seller N50k For Telling Him To Taste His Groundnut

 Today, a man named Mr. Ijiomah Chinedu Marksman took to his social media page, Facebook precisely to share his experience with a groundnut seller. This man said he was driving across the streets while leaving for work when he came across a young boy who sells groundnut.

According to what Mr. Chinedu made public on Facebook, the young boy who sells groundnut told him to please purchase from his product. Mr. Chinedu said he immediately felt like testing how cultured or well trained the boy is. So, he told him he isn't interested in buying his groundnut. Instead of being angry over what Mr. Chinedu said like some other hawkers, the groundnut seller quickly replied by telling him to taste his groundnut so he'd buy when next he passes by. The boy's exact statement goes that:

"Oga, take this one as testing, next time you buy na."

For saying this, Mr. Ijiomah Chinedu felt really impressed about the boy and took to rewarding him for being a credible street boy. He however gave the boy a fifty thousand naira cash for being well-mannered.

Having seen this, what do you all feel about the man who rewarded the boy? If you were in his shoes, what would you have done for the young groundnut seller?

Also, have you ever had a good or bad encounter with any hawker which you can share here? If yes, share and let's learn.

He said to me " Oga abeg buy my groundnut,

I replied " I don't need groundnut ooooo"

He said " Oga take this one as testing ,next time you buy na"


That's street way ,you must give something in exchange for next level.

Something shifted , my first charity for October 2020 ,Gave my guy 50k for the groundnut testing �����.

God is Winning Forever




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