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Nigerian Man Rapes 73-Year-Old Woman In Ireland

This is the face of the health care assistant who raped a 73 years old woman in her nursing home in Ireland. He has been jailed for 11 years.

52 years old Emmanuel Adeniji was recorded on CCTV going in and coming out of the woman's room at the nursing home.

She was found later that morning in a distressed state by a staff member doing her rounds.

The woman was upset but coherent; gardaĆ­ were called and she made a statement.

The victim said she was in her room all the time as they were "locked in because of the virus".

Adeniji was arrested 11 days later and denied raping the woman.

However, a DNA sample from him matched one taken from the victim.

He was charged and pleaded guilty. He has no previous convictions.

The woman's family said they would "never forget how that man had single-handedly destroyed our Mam's life".

They described how they have been unable to comfort their mother by hugging her as they normally would since the rape in April.

The elderly woman remains terrified the man will return to her room.

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